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Inside the Brotherhood Inside the Brotherhood
Hazem Kandil

"By probing what it means to be a Muslim Brother, exploring how the Brotherhood organization is structured, and placing religion at the center of the movement's amorphous ideology, Hazim Kandil offers helpful new interpretations even when going over familiar ground. The resulting picture is not always flattering, but it helps shed light on the group's sometimes puzzling behavior."
Nathan Brown, George Washington University

Stranger in My Country: Prison Diary, 1944 A Stranger in My Own Country: The 1944 Prison Diary
Hans Fallada

"This long-awaited publication will greatly increase our knowledge of an author whose reputation has never been completely eclipsed in Germany, and who is now being rediscovered in Britain, the USA, France, and Italy. All these countries have recently published his last, posthumously published novel [Alone in Berlin], thus demonstrating his rare ability to attract the common and the literary reader alike."
Modern Language Review


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